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Articles, Food & Recipes, Newsletter · December 12, 2017

Our Top 10 Chocolate Tips & Recipes

Chocolate is the most ever-present ingredient in our kitchen, and we only discriminate in its quality.

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Food & Recipes · February 8, 2017

Where to Buy Chocolate in Los Angeles

Chocolate isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, but knowing where to get the good stuff for a lover’s holiday is helpful. We’ve compiled a list of chocolate shops specializing in truffles, confections and toffees as well as retailers who carry specialty single origin bars.

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Food & Recipes, Guest Blogger, Newsletter · January 31, 2017

How to Buy Chocolate

Chocolate runs through our blood at Gourmandise like no other ingredient. It’s there for us in the morning, gives us a perky pickup midday and closes with us after a long day of teaching. We love chocolate, and with Ruth’s passion and expert guidance we have plunged into a cacao wormhole to investigate, explore and experiment with responsibly sourced cacao. Follow along as we guide you through the world of chocolate from bean to bar to palate….

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Articles, Newsletter · March 15, 2018

Coming soon…

In a few short weeks, we will be opening our newer, larger space. It’s just a few yards away from the kitchen you’ve grown to love, only this one will house two classrooms, a larger storefront (stocked with more chocolate and locally milled flours than ever before) and a sweet…

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Articles, Food & Recipes, Travel & Culture · November 30, 2016

Beating the wind with bacon and beans

My favorite savory dish of the winter season is easily (after butterscotch and chocolate pudding) Cassoulet. This white bean and three-protein stew of sorts is meant to keep you warm despite the frigid blows of Provence’s Mistral winds and delivers on its promise.

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Food & Recipes · March 24, 2016

DIY Candy: The Spring Edition

Spring is here! We’re so excited. The chickens are mating with rabbits, plastic grasses are sprouting from wicker baskets and chocolate eggs are bearing sweet centers. It’s time to get all Willy Wonka and make wacky candy all on your own. It’s not any crazier than rabbits laying hot pink eggs; you can do this.

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