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Welcome in spring with hands-on cooking classes and workshops focused on Easter, Passover and all things brunch!

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BRUNCH: Classic Southern Recipes

Apr 21 - Saturday at 10:00am

Featured Recipes

Homemade Peeps

To make these darling peeps that taste FAR better than the store-bought ones, follow our master Marshmallow recipe and read on to see how easy it is to pipe these into little chicks.

Blackberry Fritters with Lemon Glaze

This recipe takes our favorite farmers’ market blackberries, sweet and plump just a little tart, and pairs them with our favorite fritters batter.


Challah and Brioche are close cousins. The Northern part of France, rich with pastures and dairy cows and lush, green meadows make for the butteriest Brioche, golden and soft and impossibly delicious.

Classic Any-Berry Muffins

We make large batches of this batter and refrigerate it for up to three days, pulling the tub out each morning and layering scoops of batter with any number of fruits, from blueberries to cranberries and ripe, fresh-cut peaches.

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At The Gourmandise School, we focus on the best techniques and use local sustainable ingredients whenever possible. Our produce is sourced twice weekly from the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Our fresh seafood comes from Santa Monica Seafood. We use sustainable poultry such as Mary’s Free Range Chicken, and get our beef from Whole Foods or other sustainable providers.