strawberry macaroons

A Collection of Passover Macaroons

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How often does one cookie transcend holidays, food allergies and requires little else than a bowl, a spoon and 20 minutes of your time? The classic coconut macaroon is both gluten free and Kosher for passover, requires no stand mixer and can be made in a rainbow of flavors. Our in-house Chocolatier Ruth Kennison brought us three new recipes (one that you make in a skillet)! to delight your guests.

Strawberry Macaroons

Move over, bland macaroons, Passover is getting a punch of color and flavor with these quick, easy and super-fruity macaroons. We use freeze dried fruit for these, (you can find a variety of freeze dried fruits in the cereal aisle of your grocery store), and you can sub out the strawberries for anything from blueberry to mango.

Chocolate Macaroons

It’s Passover and all you want is something fudgey, chocolatey and ready in under 20 minutes. We’ve got you covered and you won’t have to run to the store for matzah meal. These intensely rich macaroons are delicious for dunking and won’t dry out.

Passover Macaroons: The Caramelized Version

We love the unorthodox method to make these macaroons. They’re started in a skillet and finished for just a few minutes in the oven (a good excuse to sneak in a touch of chocolate on top). You’ll get from measuring to eating in 20 minutes, so start brewing coffee before you get your ingredients out for a nice little reward.