Why Whole Wheat?

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“This is the best cookie/croissant/sourdough I’ve ever had” is the most common phrase uttered in our baking classes. Our secret weapons? Sonora, Spelt, Hard White, and Rye are the rainbow of whole grain flours in our arsenal.

Our goal as …


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If you’re one of the millions of parents who are struggling with this new normal, we’re here to both commiserate and help. We learned how to cope on the fly last Spring and with the start of a new school …

Small Batch Scones

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We love big-batch baking, but when you can’t readily share your full sheet pan of brownies or 4 dozen cookies with your friends and neighbors and you’re craving something special, it’s nice to make things in small batches. We cut …


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Here’s a recipe for homemade matzah. These might not be kosher for passover, but they’ll make your house smell incredible, will keep little hands busy for some time and make a fantastic vessel for chocolate-covered matzah over the weekend. Enjoy …