Our Top Doughnuts in Los Angeles

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We know this list is going to get us in trouble because everyone’s got their “go to” shop.  We’re not knocking your neighborhood joint, but Ruth and Claire and some of our other diligent, selfless staff members have donated their …

Mardis Gras 101

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The deep, meaty flavors of Creole jambalaya contrast the brighter tomato-based version that Cajun influences brought to the dish. Either way you make it dish, be sure to double this recipe if you plan on having more that four hungry …

Where to Buy Chocolate in Los Angeles

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Chocolate isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, but knowing where to get the good stuff for a lover’s holiday is helpful. We’ve compiled a list of chocolate shops specializing in truffles, confections and toffees as well as retailers who carry specialty single origin

How to Buy Chocolate

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Chocolate runs through our blood at Gourmandise like no other ingredient.  It’s there for us in the morning on a thick slice of sourdough bread, toasted and studded with milk chocolate pieces melting atop the toast like heaven on …

Dinner in 20

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Our dinner routines, like most of the folks we know who work in food, are unconventional. Dinner is often a grouping of leftovers from work or a grain or starch accompanied by one of our homemade condiments. We get home …

Butterscotch makes it better.

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Sugar is to butterscotch as reconstituted frozen concentrated orange juice is to a juicy navel orange. The range of flavors and nuances derived from sugar cane as it is processed into sugar are great and far from just one-note-sweet.

Shall we discuss …

Top 5 Cookie Decorating Tips

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It’s time to decorate! Relax, make your cookies ahead of time and follow these easy steps to cookie perfection.

1. Use a cookie recipe that doesn’t include leaveners (such as baking soda and baking powder) for cookies that lay perfectly …

Top 5 Holiday Entertaining Tips

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This time of year is as good a time as any to look back on the last 12 months and learn from our mistakes. Let’s visit the ghost of Christmas past and recall why we we swore we’d never host …