The Gourmandise Speaker Series

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The Gourmandise Speakers Series is a collection of evenings designed to take a deep dive into how ingredients are grown, sourced, produced, and distributed during an engaging evening of discussion and tastings. The speakers invited are experts in their field and have distinguished backgrounds that enable them to speak to the industry they are working in. We will be bringing in speakers from companies who are striving to make a difference in our food system by breaking down barriers to access high-quality products for consumers, sourcing ingredients in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner, and operating transparent companies so you know where your ingredients are coming from. The first step in many of these companies’ efforts is educating consumers on how their purchasing power can positively affect our food system in a meaningful way. Come join us as we uncover the underbelly of our food system and make strides toward a healthier, more sustainable food system for our future!


Kim Selkoe & Victoria Voss of Get Hooked Seafood

Kim and Victoria know the confusion and stress that hits when staring at the seafood counter – Where is this from? Is it sustainable? Is it even the species it says it is? How do I know it’s fresh? Is there mercury in it? How should I cook it?? The Get Hooked experience is designed to provide you top quality seafood from a source you can trust. Get Hooked is dedicated to providing Santa Barbara and Los Angeles consumers with sustainably caught seafood, always wild caught and never farmed, and achieving increased support and visibility for California’s fishing families. Learn why farmed fish is in fact not better for the environment, or your health, and that the best thing you can do when sourcing seafood is source close to home!

get hooked seafood

Albert Straus of Straus Family Creamery

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Did you know one of the leading causes of methane emissions in the world is from cows? Albert Straus is working to change that! Straus Family Creamery’s very own Albert Straus will be joining us for an evening of discussion about how the Straus Family Creamery is moving to reduce their cows’ methane emissions by up to 95% and creating a carbon-neutral dairy farming model. Albert will talk about the necessity of organic pasture-based agriculture as the bedrock for creating a carbon-neutral farming structure, and the steps Straus Family Creamery has taken to create a self-sustaining farming structure that actually utilizes the cows’ manure to generate power for the farm to run. Join us to learn more about what Straus is doing to create a sustainable agriculture system, and how all of these steps work to create some of the most delicious dairy products on the market!