Job – Kitchen Assistant

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Title: Kitchen Assistant

The Gourmandise School

Summary of Job

The purpose of The Kitchen Assistant is to play the key support role for the Chef/Instructor and student/guest during the cooking class or private event. This position is responsible for assisting the class and event Instructor during 3-4 hour event. The Kitchen Assistant is responsible for helping to make our students and guests feel welcome, and to assist them in thoroughly enjoying their experience at the School. Other key duties include prepping the class beforehand, and cleaning up after the class or event with the rest of the team until the kitchen is completely clean, and all utensils, equipment, and food are properly put away, and the facility it cleaned and ready for the next event. You may be required to serve as the Dishwasher and Kitchen Assistant is the class is small and/or the Kitchen Assistant duties are less than normal. It is imperative to maintain a clean, safe and sanitary facility during our fast-paced cooking classes and private events.

Essential Functions

  1. Arrive one hour before the class or event begins to prep. Prepping includes preparing all ingredients, and setting the kitchen with the necessary equipment for the event.
  2. Report to the Chef and work closely with them to assist by anticipating their needs and the needs of guests.
  3. Warmly welcome and receive students and private party guests of our school and assisting them in preparing for their cooking or baking experience.
  4. Clean up kitchen area in coordination with Dish Washer as needed to prepare for the next phase of the event, including removing all dirty materials including but not limited to: dishes, glassware, tableware pots, pans and other cooking utensils during classes and events.
  5. After event, work with the Dishwasher to sort, stack and return all clean materials to their proper area, take kitchen garbage to dumpster.
  6. Maintain cleaning and safety standards as directed.
  7. Help with storage organization and other projects when needed.
  8. Other duties as directed.


  1. High energy, and ability to hustle
  2. Positive attitude
  3. Customer/Client-minded
  4. Team-player
  5. Thoroughness
  6. Time management

Work Environment

This job operates in a fast-paced commercial kitchen environment located in a shopping mall. You will most often work with the kitchen assistants in the classes making sure that there are plenty of clean materials ready for the instructor and students to use in a 3-4 hour class or event. The team, consisting of the Chef/Instructor, Dishwasher and Assistant/s operate together and help each other as needed and directed by the Instructor to make sure the class needs are handled, and the closing procedures are completed. No team-member leaves until the job is finished, thus they work together to get the job done. Employees in this role are frequently exposed to hot equipment, hot water, open flames, heavy equipment, sharp knives, and potentially slippery floors.

Physical Demands

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. The employee performs most of their job, if not all, standing, and must frequently lift and/or move objects up to 10 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move objects up to approximately 35 pounds.

Required Experience

Previous kitchen assisting experience in a commercial kitchen is preferred. The Gourmandise School requires a Food Handlers Certificate for all Kitchen Assistants. This certificate may be acquired at any time prior to start of employment.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work

This is a part-time position. Days and hours of work vary based on need. Shifts are available 7 days a week mornings, afternoons, and evenings.