Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening by Perfect Edge

Professionally sharpen your knives, blades and other sharp tools.

Perfect Edge Knife Sharpening

Kitchen cutlery is an investment that will last you for many years. However, with regular use, knife blades will dull over time without the proper care. Perfect Edge Sharpening has partnered with The Gourmandise School to provide weekly knife-sharpening services to our customers. Drop off your knives and other sharp tools at the school by 9pm on Mondays, and pick them up after 4pm on Tuesdays.

No sharpening on the 5th Tuesdays of the month.

Perfect Edge
Perfect Edge

Price List

Standard Knives

Per Blade Inch: $1.00; Minimum $6.00

Serrated Knives

Per Blade Inch: $1.50; Minimum $9.00

Single Bevel Knives

Per Blade Inch: $4.00; Minimum $24.00

Japanese Knives

Per Blade Inch: $4.00; Minimum $24.00

Light Single Bevel Japanese

Per Blade Inch: $2.00; Minimum $12.00

Ceramic Knives

Per Blade Inch $2.00; Minimum $14.00

Steak Knives Serrated

Minimum $9.00

Food Processor Blades

Per Blade Inch: $2.00; Minimum $20.00


Forged Knife: $6.00
Stamped Knife: $3.00
Ceramic Knife: $7.50
Japanese Knife: $7.50

Shears & Tools Requiring Disassembly – Add $8.00
Miscellaneous Restoration – Add $8.00