Croissant Baking Kit
Croissant Kit
Indulge in the art of French pastry with our Croissant Baking Kit—an all-inclusive package designed to transform your kitchen into a boulangerie haven! Elevate your baking experience with the finest essentials, which are all included:
  • Bench Scraper: Master the art of precise dough handling, ensuring your croissants are crafted with perfection.
  • Chocolate: Elevate your croissants with luscious chocolate—because every bite should be a moment of pure delight.
  • Skinny Tapered Rolling Pin: This rolling pin ensures the perfect layers for flaky, golden croissants.
  • Half Sheet Pan: Crafted for perfection, this pan guarantees even baking for incredible results every time.
  • Parchment (10): Effortlessly line your baking sheets, preventing sticking and ensuring a seamless baking experience.
  • SAF Gold Yeast - 1 lb. Bag: The secret ingredient for heavenly croissants—this premium yeast guarantees a golden rise and exquisite flavor.
  • Detailed Recipe and Guide: Navigate croissant mastery with ease. Our comprehensive guide ensures success, even for first-time bakers!
Bring the enchantment of a Parisian bakery into your home. Whether you're a baking enthusiast or a novice, our Croissant Baking Kit is curated to deliver a delightful and satisfying experience. Elevate your baking game—order your kit now and embark on a flaky, buttery perfection journey!
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French Macaron Baking Kit
French Macaron Kit
Our French Macaron Baking it includes everything you need to create two batches of these delectable treats. With the purchase of your kit, you will also receive a unique code to take one of our virtual macaron classes for free! Your kit includes:
  • (1) Heavy gauge half-sheet pan
  • (5) Parchment paper
  • (2) Ateco 804 piping tip
  • (1) Sifter
  • (4) Piping bags
  • (2) TCHO premium 66% dark chocolate 8 oz)
  • (2) Almond flour (180g)
  • (2) Powdered sugar (240g)
  • (2) Granulated sugar (80g)
  • (2) Cream of tartar (1 tsp)
  • (1) Plant-based powdered pink food coloring.
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Gluten Free Baking Kit
Gluten-Free Baking Kit  The Ultimate Guide to gluten-free baking! This gift set has everything you need to get started and master gluten-free baking. The Gourmandise School Gluten-Free Baking Kit Includes:
  • "Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple – A New Way to Bake Gluten-Free" by Aran Goyoaga
  • Authentic Foods Superfine Brown Rice Flour
  • Stainless Steel and Wood Bench Scraper
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Sourdough Baking Kit
Sourdough Starter Kit
Transform your kitchen into a haven of heavenly aromas and delectable flavors. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, our Sourdough Starter Kit is designed to inspire and delight every step of the way. Uncover the joy of creating your own artisan bread—order your kit now and embark on a delicious journey! Elevate your bread-baking game with our Sourdough Starter Kit—your ticket to artisanal perfection! Savor the irresistible taste of homemade sourdough bread with our carefully curated kit, which includes: 1 Quart Cambro & Lid: The ideal vessel for nurturing your sourdough starter to life—ensuring the perfect rise and flavor. 1 Packet of Dried Sourdough Starter: Crafted with precision and love, this proprietary blend of dried starter is the secret ingredient to creating a masterpiece of tangy goodness. Bread Lame: Slice through your dough with finesse! Our top-quality bread lame ensures beautiful scoring for that professional artisan touch. Instructions for Success: Your guide to reviving and maintaining your new sourdough starter. We make it easy so you can enjoy the magic of fresh bread without the hassle.
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French Macaron Baking Kit
French Macaron Kit
Our French Macaron kit includes everything you need to create two batches of these delectable treats. Your kit includes:
  • 1x Heavy gauge half-sheet pan
  • 5x Parchment paper
  • 2x Ateco 804 piping tip
  • 1x Sifter
  • 4x Piping bags
  • 1 8oz bag Tcho 66% chocolate
  • 2x Almond flour (90g each)
  • 2x Powdered sugar (120g each)
  • 2x Granulated sugar (40g each)
  • 2x Cream of tartar (1/2 tsp each)
  • 1x Plant-based powdered pink food coloring
  • 2oz bottle of Valentine's Day sprinkles
  • 1 macaron sleeve
You'll also receive our special French macaron recipe and can also follow along step-by-step on our French Macaron page. Check out our upcoming macaron classes on our Class Calendar. Call the school at (310) 656-8800 or email us for same-day curbside pick-up.
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On Boards Gift Set
Build a Board
Build a Board Holiday entertaining made easy! This kit includes all the tools needed for making a cheeseboard plus a handy guide for how to shop and build the perfect board. Includes:
  • Epicurean Dishwasher Safe Paddle Cheese Board
  • A Set of 3 Stainless Cheese Knives
  • Colored Porcelain Dipping Bowl
  • On Boards: Simple & Inspiring Recipe Ideas to Share at Every Gathering
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Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit
Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit
Indulge in Cookie Perfection with The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit Are you ready to unlock the secret to crafting the ultimate chocolate chip cookies? Our kit provides you access to the essential ingredients and professional-grade tools that elevate your cookies to a level of deliciousness you've never experienced before. Inside The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit is...
  • (2) Bags of TCHO Premium 66% Chocolate (8 oz. each): Unleash the rich, complex flavors of premium chocolate in your cookies.
  • Grist & Toll Sonora Flour (1.5 lb bag): Elevate your baking with this high-quality flour for impeccable texture.
  • Maldon Flaked Sea Salt (2 oz): Add a touch of sophistication and depth to your cookies with this exquisite sea salt.
  • Professional Scooper (1 1/3 oz): Ensure consistent cookie size and perfect scoops with this expert tool.
  • Taylor Digital Scale: Precisely measure your ingredients for impeccable results.
  • 18 Gauge Aluminum Professional Half Sheet Pan: Achieve even baking and perfect browning with this professional-grade pan.
  • Parchment Paper (flat, half-sheet size): Simplify clean-up and prevent sticking for a stress-free baking experience.
  • Recipe Guide: Explore two incredible cookie styles—the ever-popular levain style and the indulgent giant crinkle style—with our comprehensive recipe guide.
These are not fancy, expensive items; they're simply the best quality tools and ingredients that make a remarkable difference in your baking journey. Elevate your cookie game with The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit and discover the joy of baking like a pro.
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