Gino’s Carta di Musica Crackers

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carta di musica

Gino’s Carta di Musica Crackers

Course: Appetizers
Author: Gino Campagna
These crackers are quick to make and are an impressive replacement for store-bought crackers on your cheese plate; they’re so pretty that you could use them as centerpieces on your dinner table as well! Carta di Music translates into sheet music paper- your crackers are supposed to be so thin that one could read sheet music through them. Chef Gino whipped these up for a private event last week with less than 20 minutes before the start of class.
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Gino’s Carta di Musica crackers

  • 1/2 cup Slightly warmed water
  • Pinch Active dry or rapid rise yeast
  • 1 Tbsp Olive oil
  • 1-1/2 cups Flour see above for flour variations
  • Optional:Rosemary 1/4 tsp cumin or esplette pepper)
  • a touch of olive oil and sea salt for the cookie sheet


  • Preheat the oven to 425F. Coat a rimmed cookie sheet with a few Tablespoons of olive oil and a couple generous pinches of sea salt and set aside.
  • Place the water and yeast together in a medium to large bowl. Add most of the flour (leave 3-4 Tbsps behind for flouring later), olive oil and salt and mix until you get a dough that is a little looser than play-doh. This is a good time to add whatever you wish to the dough; ground spices, herbs or even pesto!
  • It’s time to roll out your dough! We love using our pasta machine to get the dough paper-thin, but a rolling pin on a well-dusted counter will work as well. If using a pasta roller, start rolling the dough out on the widest setting, folding it over once, then running in through, repeating this twice. Now run the dough, without folding it over, through each consecutively smaller setting until you reach the second-thinnest setting.
  • Once the dough is as thin as you can take it, place it on the oiled cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes. Break them up, if you like, or leave the crackers whole for your guests to break as they wish.


The recipe below calls for all purpose flour, but you can sub out with nearly any other flour and even incorporate finely minced herbs and spices like cumin and saffron to the mix.
Buckwheat flour: replace the all purpose flour with 1-1/4 cups buckwheat flour and 2 Tbsps all purpose flour
Whole wheat: replace the all purpose flour with whole wheat flours (preferably stone ground), adding a touch more water to the mixture. We used love Sonora, a soft white wheat, for a sweet and nutty flavored cracker and Rye for a stronger flavor.