I came to Clemence with the germ of an idea, full of emotion and enthusiasm but without much practical knowledge about how to make my dream a reality. In just one afternoon sitting across the table, I got both an invaluable toolkit of nuts and bolts information (where to apply for permits, insurance considerations, legal structures, etc.), but also a fair and impartial expert to test my assumptions, lay out the very real risks that are a part of the business of food these days, and give me calm, considered advice. I cannot express how empowering this was for me, and how motivated I was to walk out of our meeting and into my new venture armed with what I had learned. Best of all, once you become a client, Clemence will actively monitor your progress, answer questions, and facilitate connections within her extensive network of support resources. Give yourself, and your business, a huge head start by investing in this program.”
– Sharon Graves, Founder

Sometimes people you love leave home. Kids, for example, have a nasty habit of doing things like “going away to college” and “having a great time at camp”. You can’t go with them, but you can send some homemade love in the mail.

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