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Chef Clemence’s Business of Food class clearly and efficiently laid out all of the particulars necessary to move forward with making my business a reality. What once seemed like an intimidating task of obtaining permits, licenses, etc was made much less daunting because of her experience and streamlined process. Beyond the class and through the wonderful community of Artisans of which she is a part, Clemence has continued to serve as a tremendous resource and mentor, always willing to answer questions, give advice and facilitate introductions. I would highly recommend the Business of Food to jumpstart your own plans and become a part of the Gourmandise community.”
– Melanie Banders, Owner

A modern, reinvented cluster snack combining the healthful nutrients of sprouted organic raw nuts, sprouted organic raw seeds and other natural goodness to pack a powerful crunch. This artisanal creation is a favorite of those following grain free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, plant based and paleo diets.

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