Top 5 Turkey Day Tips

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Top 5 Turkey Day Tips From The Gourmandise School Of Sweets and Savories in Los Angeles

Whether you’re hosting the meal at your house or bringing a dish to a host, the season is about enjoying the process. Before you get into a tizzy going about creating a wonderland of platters, consider the following:

Top 5 Turkey Day Tips

1. Lower everyone’s expectations. It means keeping the menu a secret so that you can feel free to experiment and not feel just awful about messing up 14-step Turducken you promised everyone.

2. Spice up your flavors and herbs!  Some of our favorites are marjoram, thyme, rosemary and sage with lemon and garlic.  Just stuff those herbs into the cavity of the turkey, and halve your garlic and lemon and let them join those herbs to party in that bird!

3. Delegate!  Enlist the help of your friends and family, this is not the day for you to be a martyr. While you dutifully tend to your turkey, have someone else boil those potatoes!

4. Work the sides.  My favorite Thanksgiving meals have not been turkey-centered, but a colorful and eclectic melange of side dishes, from roasted squash to braised greens and braised pork belly.  Check out this Fall Harvest Salad for an easy pop of color and flavor.

5. Do a down and dirty dry brine the night before roasting. Use 1 tablespoon of salt per 4lbs of turkey, pat the turkey dry and rub all over skin, under skin, and in the cavity.  Leave overnight in the fridge.  Ready to roast in the morning.

Wishing you the tastiest Thanksgiving,

Essential Turkey Carving Tips

  1. Allow the turkey to rest for at least 20 minutes before carving, so that the juices remain in the meat.
  2. Carefully move the turkey to the cutting board. Placing a clean towel beneath the turkey helps steady the bird and prevent slipping while carving.
  3. Always use a sharp knife.  A chef’s knife or carving knife is best.
  4. Cut each breast off completely first. Slice the breast meat and place on a warm platter.
  5. Cut the legs and the thighs right off the bone and serve on the platter. Garnish with seasonal fruit and herbs.