How to Get the Same Size Cookie Each and Every Time

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portioning out cookie dough

How to get the same size cookie each and every time

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You saw him eyeing your cookie tray. Yep, his gears were turning and you were smug with satisfaction. Roger couldn’t get over how perfect your cookies were. Their impossibly consistent sizing, coupled with even browning throughout, was driving him mad. You shut his game down. Roger’s angst at his cookie tray, overflowing with passed-over, oddly shaped, anemic cookies were no match for your nearly sold out baker’s dozen of peculiar perfection. There’s always next year, Roger, and we’ve got the secrets to cookie envy right here:
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  • Add your mix-ins before the flour. Want to make sure every Beckett and Asher get the same amount of chocolate chips? Add these in just after the eggs are fully incorporated. You’re welcome.
  • Go lunch-lady style with a portion scooper. You can pick these up at any restaurant supply store or fancy gourmet cookware place. They range from tiny to gargantuan. I am a firm believer that cookies should eat like a meal or at least be big enough to share. Scoop up a mound of dough and fill the scooper, take your palm and swipe the dough off flat from one edge of the scooper to the other,then clean off the edges and deposit on your cookie sheet.
  • Use light colored cookie sheets. Stop buying non-stick ones- their darker color is making the bottoms of your cookies burn. Sneak a peek into a bakery next time you’re in line to get a croissant- you’ll see light colored aluminum ‘half sheet’ pans (aka jelly roll pans) stacked up, ready for their pucks.
  • Puck it. Instead of baking the scooped cookie dough balls, line them up on a tray and freeze them until you’re ready for a midnight snack. It’s too awesome not to have already-perfect cookie dough pucks ready to bake from the freezer not to do it. Especially if Roger lives next door and tends to stop in without any warning.
  • Bake the cookies until just getting golden. Once the edges of your cookies start to get a little color, remove the cookie sheets from the oven and let them rest ON THE COOKIE SHEET. You know what you don’t see in a bakery? Rows of cooling racks and bakers removing cookies before they’re cooled off. Let them finish cooking and cooling on the cookie sheets before taking them off.