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Articles · May 14, 2019
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Food & Recipes · March 25, 2019

“Beurre Noisette” How To Brown Butter

Brown Butter is a simple sauce, perfect to toss with cooked vegetables, pasta or potatoes. It’s versatile and can also be used as your base to sauté fish, meat or poultry. In a heavy bottom pan, melt butter over medium heat until the mixture starts to foam. Keep a close…

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Uncategorized · January 22, 2019

All the Chocolate News That’s Fit to Print: A New Winnower!

Ruth Kennison, our in-house chocolate maker and educator, reporting from her recent chocolate adventures and unveiling the coolest new chocolate tool in our Bean to Bar chocolate making tool kit!

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Meze: Middle Eastern Small Plates

Before we dive into our list of favorite meze spots about town, we thought you would enjoy a collection of recipes that Chef John created. The centerpiece of this meze table is the Kefte, or lamb meatballs, which are simple to assemble ahead of time and cook off just before your guests knock on the door (or uninvited folks curious about the wondrous aromas wafting about) and accompanying spiced labneh for dipping…read more

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Food & Recipes · March 20, 2018

A Collection of Passover Macaroons

Our in-house Chocolatier Ruth Kennison brought us three new recipes (one that you make in a skillet)! to delight your guests. 

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