The Gourmandise School’s Technique Classes are designed to give you solid foundational skills in a particular area of cooking. You will learn how to cook and feel confident in the kitchen. Many people take each class individually to round out their skills and then are able to build a course, so to speak, according to their schedules.

The Gourmandise School - Knife Skills


A “Must-Take” class!  Hone your skills in this most important cooking technique class. Knowing how to handle and care for your knives the right way will change how you cook. Great for novice and frequent cooks, this class focuses on properly handling a knife, making clean cuts, feeling confident with various knives, and caring for them. Watch, learn, practice your newfound skills AND create a delicious dinner menu!

The Gourmandise School - Eggs


Crack open a world of easy egg cookery. We will guide you through the anatomy of the egg and the building blocks of perfect egg dishes. Mastering the omelet is said to be a hallmark of an accomplished chef. You will learn how to make the perfect rolled omelet, the tricks to the fluffy scramble, and how to make shirred, coddled, poached, and fried eggs. If that isn’t enough, we teach you to top it off with amazingly easy hollandaise sauce!

The Gourmandise School - Sauces


In this three-hour class, learn the secrets of a perfect pan sauce and a variety of make-ahead sauces to enhance poultry, meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. Come hungry as you will make romesco sauce with grilled shrimp, aioli with roasted potatoes, tapenade toasts, chicken with balsamic port reduction sauce, and salsa verde with polenta. A great sauce can change everything!

Gourmandise School - Cooking Meats - steak icon


In this hands-on lecture, demo, and cooking class, you will learn the basics of selecting, storing, and cooking beef successfully. This class is designed to teach you how to cook and feel confident in the kitchen. Oh! And eat delicious food too.

Gourmandise School - Cooking Meats - poultry icon


Break it down… the chicken, that is! Chicken is a staple for weeknight meals, so you must learn the basics and then some to have variety. We’re going to up your game with our Chicken Technique class. You’ll learn to break down that bird – and then roast, sauté, sear, braise, and fry your way to chicken perfection.

Gourmandise School - Cooking Fish


In this hands-on lecture, demo, and cooking class, you will learn the basics of selecting, storing, and cooking fish successfully. This class includes working with at least 3 different kinds of fish, depending on the season. Techniques covered are searing, braising, and sautéing fish. Impress your friends with decadent dishes as you learn the secrets of seafood cooking.

Upcoming Technique Classes

Technique: Eggs

Wednesday, Sept 27:

6:30pm – 9:30pm

Technique: Sauces

Wednesday, Oct 4:

6:30pm – 9:30pm

Technique: Knife Skills

Wednesday, Oct 11:

6:30pm – 9pm

Technique: Knife Skills

Wednesday, Nov 15:

6:30pm – 9pm

Technique: Eggs

Wednesday, Nov 29:

6:30pm – 9:30pm

Technique: Knife Skills

Wednesday, Dec 6:

6:30pm – 9pm