The Business of Food

All you need to know about starting or growing your food business.

The Class

Now online, this 3-hour seminar will take you through all the steps needed to open a small food business. You will learn the ins and outs of permits; working in a commercial kitchen space; incorporating and trademarking; converting recipes into formulas; what to expect in a commercial kitchen space and how to start selling both wholesale and retail. We give you the tools you’ll need to get started and make ourselves available for assistance along the way. If you would like to take the class again, you’ll receive 50% off. (Policy updated 3/18/22)

Other topics will include:

  • Commercial kitchen design
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Cottage Food Act
  • Equipment
  • Cottage Food Act
  • Farmer’s markets and festivals
  • Finding wholesalers to purchase your ingredients
  • How to determine food costs
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Renting commercial kitchens
  • UPC codes and nutritional labels


Our consulting services are wide and varied, helping restaurateurs open their doors to reformulating menus and training staff and helping food product companies learn to package, ship and naturally extend shelf life. Our branding and social media experts can help you grow your company online as well.

Let us help you with:

  • Menu Development & Troubleshooting
  • Marketing/PR Strategies: How to Get Noticed
  • Social Media Review, Strategies and How-To’s
  • Website Optimization & Design
  • Developing Your Brand Look

Call us today at (310) 656-8800 to inquire about our consulting, or email [email protected].

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how to start a food business consulting

The Business of Food

January 20, 2pm – 5pm

how to start a food business consulting

The Business of Food

February 26, 4pm – 8pm