Specialty Classes and Workshops

Our specialty classes offer more detail, education and background on a specific or unique cuisine or technique.

Specialty Workshops – Savory

  • Butchering Workshop: Pig
  • Intro to Cheesemaking
  • Izakaya: The Art of Japanese Small Plates
  • Sushi: Rolls, Tempura and Nigiri
  • Breads: Sourdoughs, baguettes, milling etc…

Specialty Workshops – Sweet

  • Bean-to-Bar: The Art of Making Chocolate
  • Working with Chocolate: Tempering, Molding, Rochers & Bark
  • Preserving Workshop: Jam, Preserves and Pickles
  • Gluten-Free Goodness:
    • Cookies, Brownies and Bars
    • Pies!
    • Homemade Breads
  • Whole-Grain Baking: Cookies
  • Canning