DIY Candy: The Spring Edition

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Spring is here! We’re so excited. The chickens are mating with rabbits, plastic grasses are sprouting from wicker baskets and chocolate eggs are bearing sweet centers. It’s time to get all Willy Wonka and make wacky candy all on your own. It’s not any crazier than rabbits laying hot pink eggs; you can do this.

Let’s start with crispy Peanut Butter Eggs. The gateway candy. God help you if you have any leftover rice crispy middle laying around the house. Recipe is here below.

Ready to graduate? It’s time to learn to make Marshmallows. We’re big fans, and it’s the perfect way to get comfortable working with sugar. Follow this recipe but pipe (if you don’t have a piping bag, grab a ziplock freezer bag and cut a corner) into greased (we use vegetable oil or spray) plastic easter eggs. Close them up, freeze them and unmold. Dip these into the same chocolate as the crispy eggs below.

Peeps! Take the same marshmallow magic and pipe sweet hens out over a bed of colored sugars.

Ready for the Holy Grail? Make your own PEANUT. BUTTER. CUPS. My father in law goes bonkers for these. Make them into mini cupcake liners. Check this recipe out, and call us if you have questions about tempering chocolate.



Crispy Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs

1/2 cupBrown sugar
3 ouncesButter
1/2 cupHoney
1 cupPeanut butter
3 ouncesDark chocolate, chopped
5 cupsCrispy rice cereal
5 ouncesChocolate of your choice
3 ouncesCoconut oil
2 TbspsCocoa powder (optional)


  1. Lightly grease the inside of plastic Easter eggs and set them aside (you can use a spray or oil paper towel).
  2. Bring the sugar, butter and honey to a simmer in a medium pot, stirring until the brown sugar has dissolved and butter has melted. Remove from heat, wait a couple of minutes and stir into the peanut butter and chocolate, stirring until it has all melted.
  3. Add the cereal to the mix, stir until coated and press into Easter eggs. Close these and freeze for at least one hour.
  4. Melt your favorite chocolate and coconut oil together over a double boiler until all the chocolate has melted (a microwave works as well). Remove the eggs from the freezer and their plastic shell. Dip them one at a time, completely into the chocolate-coconut mixture with a fork and tap out the excess chocolate. Place them on parchment or foil and freeze for a few minutes. It’s magic! Optional: immediately toss the eggs into cocoa powder after dipping in coconut-chocolate mixture.