Cooking School Instructor

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The Chef/Instructor is responsible for teaching adults and (children if applicable) the fundamentals of cooking or baking according to the specialty in which they have been hired.  We are looking for instructors with the ability to teach a variety of cuisines.  The Chef/Instructor must have the ability to adapt their instruction methods to the various skill levels of the students and guests with a focus on teaching technique, as well as creating an environment where the experience is enjoyed. 

Key Responsibilities

  1. Arrive one hour prior to class to lead the support staff (Kitchen Assistants) in prepping out the class according to all class prep documents.  Shifts are 5 hours long usually.
  2. Oversee and manage Kitchen Assistants during prep, class and wrap-up.
  3. Ensure the classroom is properly prepared when guests arrive.
  4. Welcome the students and guests for each class or private event
  5. Instruct and guide students/guests in general kitchen and food safety, house policies and housekeeping notes.
  6. Advise management of any issues with students/guests or staff that may need to be addressed.
  7. Utilize and adhere to the systems in place for time management and communication.
  8. Actively promote relevant products and services offered by Gourmandise to students. 

Key Qualifications & Competencies

  1. Minimum 2 years previous experience in cooking or baking instruction/teaching preferred.
  2. Positive attitude and desire to provide exceptional service and act as a leader in the classroom for the students and guests; and lead the kitchen support staff during the class or event.
  3. Clear understanding of the principles and processes for providing customer and personal service including assessing the needs of the student/guest, meeting quality standards for service and evaluating student/guest satisfaction.
  4. Have a clear understanding and adherence to food safety practices and hold a current and valid food handlers’ certificate.

To apply for the job, please print and complete the application form.