Our Top Doughnuts in Los Angeles

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We know this list is going to get us in trouble because everyone’s got their “go to” shop.  We’re not knocking your neighborhood joint, but Ruth and Claire and some of our other diligent, selfless staff members have donated their time, taste buds and stretch pants to make this somewhat definitive list of favorite doughnut haunts in LA available for you.  The starred entries were provided by all of you delicious newsletter subscribers who sent in your favorites!

Should you want to dip your toes in doughnut making, check out our ChocolateCake and Fritter recipes (or take the class)!


Best Cake Doughnut:  The Huckleberry from Sidecar Doughnuts, Santa Monica

Best Buttermilk Doughnut:  Primo’s in West L.A.

Best Chocolate Doughnut: The Chocolate Doughnut from Sidecar Doughnuts, Santa Monica

Best Custard Doughnut: Cointreau Creme Brûlée from Blue Star Donuts in Venice

Best Seasonal Doughnuts:  Donut Snob all about town for delivery

Best Apple Fritters:  Kettle Glazed in Hollywood*

Best Fruit-filled Doughnut:  The Strawberry from Donut Man in Glendale*

Best Boston Cream: The Custard Front Drive from  Donut Friend in Highland Park

Best Twist:  The Long John from Bob’s Donuts at the Original Farmers Market

Best Candy-topped Doughnut:  The Snickers from California Donuts in Koreatown

Best French Crueller:  The Cruller from Plan Check all over the city

Best Horchata Doughnut:  Cofax in Mid City

Best Big-As-Your-Head Chocolate Glazed:  Huckleberry in Santa Monica

Best Pretzel Shaped Doughnut:  The Peanut Cinnamon at Stan’s in Westwood*