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The Gourmandise School’s New & Larger Space

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It has been nearly seven years since we opened our kitchen doors and let you in. There have been countless Macarons classes, hundreds of Date Nights and Knife Skills courses and some really epic workshops and conferences that have changed the landscape of food in L.A. Through it all, we have been touched by your curiosity, your hunger for new skills, recipes and your words of encouragement.

In a few short weeks, we will be opening our newer, larger space. It’s just a few yards away from the kitchen you’ve grown to love, only this one will house two classrooms, a larger storefront (stocked with more chocolate and locally milled flours than ever before) and a sweet new demo kitchen. You will notice that our calendar will often have two classes going on at a time; don’t worry! It’s not a typo. Our kitchens will be able to run classes simultaneously, so we apologize to you, chocolate makers, for the ridiculously delicious wafts of sourdough breads that your neighboring classroom will be baking, or to those of you taking a sauce class while our butchering students get their roasted pork belly on.

Stay tuned to our Instagram for more exciting updates, from the moment our hoods are installed to the unwrapping of our KitchenAid equipment and the shipments of all the cool tools you’ll be able to pick up from the larger store. We will keep you posted about our special opening events, our awesome new partnerships (thank you, KitchenAid)! and, because we’re nothing without our awesome team of Chef Instructors, new recipes and skills from our ever-growing team of culinary experts.

Wishing you the sweetest day,

Clemence and Sabrina