The Ultimate S’more

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marshmallows and smores

The Ultimate S’more

Course: Sweets
Sweets Sub-Category: Confections
Go ahead – drool.  Make homemade marshmallows with this simple recipe.  Use our ginger graham recipe for your graham crackers.  Then grab the best chocolate you can.  Together you will create the most decadent campfire dessert.  Call the baking hotline* should you have any questions.  It’s up to you to build these insane s’mores.     You’re welcome.
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  • 1 Graham cracker dough
  • 1 Tray of marshmallows
  • Lots of Milk Chocolate


  • Cut out the graham cracker dough with a cookie cutter. Bake until golden on edges.
  • While the wafting aroma of heaven spreads in your kitchen, break your milk chocolate up into pieces.
  • Take the cookies out. Place a piece of milk chocolate on top. Let it cool. Get your torch out.
  • Using the same cookie cutter you used for the cookies, cut out matching marshmallows.
  • Set marshmallows on cookies. Place these on a metal pan NOT lined with parchment paper (we aren’t liable if you burn your kitchen). Torch.
  • OR- grab some skewers, build a fire, and light the marshmallows on fire, sandwiching them between your stunning grahams.