Date and Hazelnut Scones with Maple Glaze

So yeah, we’ve been on a scone kick lately (see here, and here), but that’s because the base recipe for these is so very, very simple and takes just a few minutes to prep and less than 25 minutes to bake. The secret here is really good dairy- we use Straus cream here (for those of you on the East coast, their cream and butter are one of the reasons I stay on the West side, but get whatever Organic, grass-fed cream you can get your hands on) for a super tender result (hint: it’s the fat content).

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Date and Hazelnut Scones with Maple Glaze

2 cups Bread flour
1-1/2 cups Whole wheat flour
2 Tbsps Baking powder
2 tsps Kosher salt
8 oz Pitted dates
1/2 cup Finely chopped toasted hazelnuts, divided
2-2/3 cups Heavy cream
2 Tbsps Coarse sugar, for garnish


  1. Preheat your oven to 360F (or 325F if you're using convection).
  2. In a large bowl, mix together all your dry ingredients, including the dates and nuts (save a few Tablespoons of the nuts for garnish after you've glazed the scones).
  3. Add the cream all at once, mixing with a wooden spoon until just combined. Flour your work surface and dump the dough onto it. Using floured hands, gently press into an 8" round circle. Cut in half, then in again until you have 8 triangles.
  4. Place the scones on a parchment-paper lined cookie sheet. Sprinkle with sugar and bake for about 20 minutes, or just until golden.

Maple Glaze

1 cup Sifted powdered sugar
3 Tbsps Maple syrup
1 to 2 Tbsps Milk
  1. Mix the syrup and powdered sugar together to make a thick paste. Add only enough milk to thin it out a bit; it should not be too runny!
  2. Once the baked scones have cooled off for 10 or so minutes, dip the tops in the glaze and shake them off while still upside down. Sprinkle with hazelnuts.